The Inside Track: nightmayor - 'Good Boy'

Words by nightmayor

Dogs live in a state of perpetual need. They are controlled by a desire to play their part in every social situation: desperate to please their owners, humiliating themselves to show submission, becoming obnoxious to gain the attention they live for. The humans play their part just as tenaciously. They enact dominance: rub dog’s nose in its pee and poop, yell at dog, swat dog, ignore dog. Reward the dog, give it a treat, throw a ball, create a sense of the master’s benevolence. The sick joke is always the resentment and underlying revulsion that dog owners feel towards their wretched creatures. After all, isn’t there submission and humiliation in picking up another being’s warm poo with your hand in a thin plastic bag, day after day? 

The dual mind of the dog and human are constantly reflecting one another, creating a maladaptive symbiosis that binds them together. This relationship is not unique to dogs and their owners. Husbands, wives, friends, lovers, siblings, parents: human relationships are full of dominance and submission, benevolence and humiliation, the chosen and the resentful, the pooper and the scooper.  

So, ask yourself. Who is a good boy?

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