Ballard VOX: Danny Denial's Bazzooka

Danny Denial is back at it with a new project called BAZZOOKA: An afropunk apocalyptic web series. Straight from Danny himself he weaves a great synopsis for his fans to fall into. Here is what he has to say:

BAZZOOKA is a visual document of the black experience in 2022, made by a BIPOC artist to hire BIPOC artists. it's a web series that finds Eva Walker's Gab from Kill me to death (streaming on REVRY ) return to a war torn Seattle following the death of Danny Denial's Black and team up with a new band of black anarchists to take back their city.

The mission of this project is to EMPLOY and ELEVATE black creatives in Seattle, both in front of and behind the camera. This means casting artists of color, staffing crew members of color, and featuring an all black musical soundtrack. 

Due to current safety concerns, production will have to navigate certain limitations. The plan is to shoot certain sequences remotely and employ green screen studios as our first avenues to complete a substantial part of the series, before hopefully being able to shoot more traditionally in 2021. 

Here is the trailer for the up and coming BAZZOOKA: An afropunk apocalyptic web series.


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