New Release Spotlight: Crazy Eyes single 'Abominable Proclamation'

Today is the day! Crazy Eyes releases their new single 'Abominable Proclamation' on Den Tapes ahead of their new full album 'Suburban Disappearance' coming out in 2021. 

It's our honor to premiere their new single and video out today and hope you all enjoy it as much as we do! We couldn't be more excited for next year's full album release. For now we share this with you. Watch below!

From Crazy Eyes on 'Abominable Proclamation' 

This track was recorded at Earwig Studio and The White Lodge in Seattle, during sessions for our new album Suburban Disappearance, coming in 2021.

We have once again colored all over the page to scry a wild image, wielding the sound of a 350-pound portable baby grand piano amidst a churning of instruments like a confused glam rock church choir in a fever dream, anchored by the rhythms of piano punk and astronaut jazz. Through primordial morse code, these stomping offerings tell the history and puzzlement of our moment and call to each of us to try our best for one another.

Let’s work together! Don’t give up!

Deterioration and Regeneration in all of our minds and surroundings at once! These sounds and ideas are passed out through clashing radio signals, all-consuming clouds of circling butterflies.

A thousand-fingered hand, reaching from below to loosen a silver clasp. Believe in human light and magic. There is no way forward but through (Blinding Brightness). A circle of heavy stones is watching.

These threads are lost forever. Lift the lamp beside the golden door.

The Night Light is Humming.

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