Ballard VOX Weekly Music Calendar: Sept 2nd-Sept 5th

Thursday, Sept 2nd

Beatrix Sky, Sweet Creature, and Bad Optics - Conor Byrne 

Flesh Produce, Creature Hole, & L80- Drunky’s White Center 

Friday, Sept 3rd

Grizzled Mighty with Monsterwatch - Alma Mater 

The Cave Singers with Red Ribbon - The Tractor 

Saturday, Sept 4th

The Yes Matters, The Shaking Fists, Rachaels Children - Conor Byrne 

Bully – Neumos

Day In Day Out Festival featuring Travis Thompson, PARISALEXA, and Chong the Nomad- Sept 4-5 - Fisher Pavillion

Check Back...

Come back next week to see what we are checking out around town for Sept 6th-12th!

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