The Inside Track: Appaloosa - 'Solipsism (pt.2)'

Solipsism (pt. 2) speaks to the idea of Solipsism (the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist). This notion has given me much anxiety over the years (intermittently). The world becomes intensely lonely when I think of the possibility that I may be the only person to exist and/or that the only thing I know to be real is my own mind. As a result, I think of this possibility over and over, knowing I won't ever get a definite answer.

The song speaks to this loneliness. However, it also talks about how one must throw oneself into this world regardless of if it's real or not, because it is the only reality one has. The song continues this thought with lyrics about running away. Specifically running away from your own mind in order to participate in the world.

Solipsism pt. 2 is written in an upbeat and fun way with hopes of being a catchy song. This is a purposeful contrast to the more introspective lyrics. This song can be found on our first 7' which was released on No Front Teeth Records.  

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