The Inside Track : Baywitch - 'Netherwhirl'

“Netherwhirl” is about the hubris of trying to conquer territory but ultimately ending up lost at sea in mysterious and monstrous spaces. The song was inspired by the Bermuda Triangle and spaces that are perhaps not meant to be explored or understood.

“Netherwhirl” was written while working on Baywitch’s 2017 album Hellaspawn and has been in regular set-list rotation ever since. But the song took on a new shape when our bassist Sicily joined in 2017, animating the story with their warm vocal melodies and screams. Our newest album, Apocatropica (out on 4/20/22, Halfshell Records) was recorded at The Vera Project in 2019 by Lilian Blair. For this song, she had us all scream and cackle into the elevator shaft to get just the right kind of echoes. “Netherwhirl” was the perfect track on the album to actually record in a liminal space. It was also so cathartic to do group screams while recording, 10/10 would recommend!

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