The Inside Track : Biblioteka - 'Where Did We Go Wrong'

Late night in the pre-pandemic, our band was walking home from the goth club, and as we passed the park we were chased by a man with a knife. He started by screaming wild, bigoted things. Then as he followed us, we heard his footsteps start running — and we turned around to see him pull out his knife. It was wild. While thankfully we all walked away unscathed, it was still a terrifying thing we all experienced. 

“Where Did We Go Wrong” was originally written to be about this, but it quickly turned into a song about being followed. Whether it’s an old feeling or, in some cases, an actual person, I feel like this is something other people can relate to. My family was still in Ukraine when talks about the invasion were taking over the news. I couldn't escape it and this song brought on a sense of relief. As we were producing "Where Did We Go Wrong," it started to take on a new meaning for me, which I feel is also the beauty of a song. The meaning can shift and evolve depending on your own experience. 

Writing this song became a cathartic release for us. The choruses feel like the shattering sense of security. It’s one of our favorite songs to play live. I hope the people enjoy it. 

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