The Inside Track : Chris King & The Gutterballs - 'Party With You'

Words by Chris King

With a global pandemic looming over our shoulders, waiting with anticipation in our homes for the day when parties and socializing could be a normalcy once again, “Party With You” was born. I remember walking the empty streets and seeing all my favorite bars closed down, thinking this is a crazy time to live. It was erie, it still is. Knowing my friends were all at home locked away, but not contacting each other to hang out together in fear of catching some unknown virus or worse spreading it. I started day dreaming of laughing in the sunshine with all my friends someday. I also had the thought, “if I’m inspired and writing a lot more, other artists must be as well. I better get to work!” Just as much as I wanted to be let loose and this virus to go away, I couldn’t wait to hear and see all the cool art that spawned from this pandemic.

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