The Inside Track : Haley Graves - 'Over'

My producer Phillip Peterson, (House of Breaking Glass), and I wrote my lead single, "Over" back in August 2021. The song was originally orchestraed and arranged for another artist. Phill played it for me during a meeting we were having. 

I had just gone through a break up at the time with a partner I had been in a toxic relationship with for nearly 2 years. We wrote it at a time where I felt insanely vulnerable. I remember sharing with Phill what I had just gone through with that girl and I was terrified of coming across as dramatic. He was super empathetic and understanding. As we wrote this song, I was needing some support from my friends in my personal life about what I was dealing with. I kept hearing more and more stories from some of my friends about toxic queer relationships they went through and a lot of them had similar stories to what I went through. It blows my mind that this isn't talked about more. I'm hoping my lead single "Over" helps shed light on those kinds of relationships and how awful some queer relationships can get. I've dated both men and women and I feel like a lot of people think dating the person of the same gender will make heteronormative relationship issues go away and things will be better. Both can get toxic real fast.  

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