The Inside Track : Smokey Brights - 'Fancy Ketchup'

I wrote “Fancy Ketchup” in the early hours of the morning a few months ago, while strumming my guitar in the breakfast nook of my kitchen. It was a moment of groggy reflection and I was thinking on how much work is always left to be done in this creative field Smokey Brights are a part of. Fronting what is, ostensibly, a family band, there is a deep sense of wanting to provide for the people you love the most. It is easy to get bogged down in the grind of it all and forget that you do this music thing because you love it. “Fancy Ketchup” is about that feeling. I want to strap my band to a rocket and shoot us all into the stratosphere of fame and fortune. Will it happen? Who knows? Will we have one hell of a flight on our way through the clouds? You bet.

Kim West, Smokey Brights

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