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TERMINATor - 'Dais for Moral Perfomance'

These lyrics are really tender to me because they were written at a really vulnerable, and angry time of reflection. I'm hesitant to give my own meaning or background for them because I think most art is more sacred when you create your own attachment.

We started working on this song pretty early into us playing music together and most of our instrument choices were pretty new to us, and we were just trying to figure out how to make notes that sounded good go together- but this was at a turning point where Veronica and I started experimenting with different ideas of time in music outside of what felt natural and that was such a tear in my reality of this whole new world of fun and challenge.

As a group we would spend hours experimenting, and then shelve it and then come back to it weeks later. We worked on it in pieces for so long and when it finally came together it felt- and still feels so fulfilling. It's still my favorite song to play because as a group we really just would not let go of this seed of an idea until it was pushed into shape, and somehow powering through something that felt so unnatural now feels the most natural.

We recorded this with Johnny Goss at Dandelion Gold in the summer of 2020, and it was such a special experience. It was our first time collectively in a studio on our own and Johnny made that natural intimidation melt away so quickly. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

We plan on self releasing this record in September and coordinating a nationwide tour alongside. We've also been working on a short film for a three song release right beforehand. I know we aren't alone in our feelings of missing the road and playing/sharing these last couple years and are so anxious to get back to it. It feels like every odd is against you. Gas prices are rising higher than I've ever seen, shows might get cancelled due to covid. It's pretty risky to go when missing or having one bad show can really make or break the entire tour. It's a really difficult time to try and persevere in diy touring- something that already had so many odds stacked against it.  Yet, we are ELATED to try, and hope to see you out there.


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