The Inside Track : Trash Sound Conglomerate - 'ANTS!'

There is an apocalypse on and what can we do about it?

As a Telepathically Shared Consciousness, we created W A S H, our first EP. 

It was built by our six hands, six legs, and three brains as time ever presently ticked away. The Sick Continued to plague society in January 2022, and we refused to release our feet from the gas pedal. So we chose to take matters into our own hands; self-recording and releasing some of the ditties we’ve been playing as a band for the past year, along with a brand new tune. When a fourth song was up for debate, Gwen brought in ANTS! as a last-minute wringer. A video followed in the very place the whole project started. 

We're excited to wash our hands of this project and throw it out into the radio-static void of online streaming. (But if you're real cool you can get it on cassette at a show or here. Long live W A S H!

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May 27th @ Lucky Liquor w/ 38 Coffin and Emotional Trash

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