The Inside Track:  Warren Dunes "Fishbowl"

Written by Julia Massey of Warren Dunes

“Fishbowl” is about what happens when you allow yourself to admit you need other people. American culture emphasizes the individual, and we often experience shame around asking for help. But this year, if you didn’t ask for help, the consequences were dire. They still are! Our hope is that this song continues the path of normalizing the essential processes of healing which require others. In other words, it’s an homage to the “fishbowl” we’ve all been living in this year. 

There’s also a sweet video that Jared created alongside that references an experiment they did a few years ago with folks from different backgrounds staring into one another’s eyes for a few minutes. Turns out, when we perform this act, it’s really intimate and creates a lot of compassion. May we all have more of that in 2021!

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