Words by Beatrix Sky

Photo by: Becki Thorley

American Spirit…where to begin?

This song is quite the cocktail of emotions.

I began writing American Spirit in the early months of the pandemic. After enduring a few rough days or
so, I picked up the awful, disgusting habit of smoking again (American Spirits, that is.) I was having a lot
of lonely nights that consisted of sitting on my front porch, reminiscing about pre covid times. Then one
night I sang to myself, “It’s just me and my American spirit” and I thought “oooh I dig that!”

Days later I whipped out my keyboard and started dabbling with string/orchestra patches on my Roland
synthesizer. I started playing around with lyrics like “I’ve tried so hard to forget about you” and “I toyed
around with the idea of you.” Before I knew it, I wrote a song I was truly proud of.

While American Spirit has some elements of quarantine related depression, it also has that aspect of
heartache and the feeling of missing someone. I had intended to write a song about the woes of being in
lockdown, but then I found myself writing yet another damn love song. C’est la vie.

Whatever you decide to interpret, it’s a great track and you should listen to it! The album drops next
month, and I can’t wait to share with you!

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