Meet Our Team

Melissa DeAun


Avid music lover. KEXP Photographer. Creator of Ballard VOX. Teacher. Owner of two corgis. Fearless leader of 2 teenagers.

Instagram: @melissadeaunphoto

FB: @melissadeaunx

Collene McCarter


Collene is a 24 year old University of Washington graduate with a degree in political science and a dog obsession. She got her first camera at the age of 11 (after her mom got tired of hers always going missing) and hasn’t been without one since.

Instagram: @collenemccarterphoto

Andy Perkovich


Andy has lived his whole life in the Puget Sound region.  Andy’s passion is concert photography because he can capture a completely unique moment. When not at shows, he can be found with a crossword or comic in hand, and spending time with his cat, Hank.

Instagram: @andypphoto

Sheri Foreman



Sheri was born and raised in the PNW. She loves live music more than most things. Often found pointing her camera at bands and surfers. Loves to see people doing what they love.

Instagram: @hubcaphalo

Maxim Podhaisky


Max found his interest in Concert Photography in college when he worked for the school newspaper. With his goal to focus on live music stories, Max was able to cover events at House Shows (in and around the University), Neumos, Cafe Racer, and WaMu Theater. His constant love for photography and excitement for live concerts is what fuels him to continue this passion. 

Instagram: @maximpod

Christopher Butcher


Chris is a photojournalist with a focus on music, pop culture and arts. He has written feature articles and reviews for What's Up! Magazine, Dan's Tunes, Klipsun Magazine, and The Western Front. His artistic style and interest in photojournalism are inspired by Mike Savoia, Rod Long, Neil Lim Sang, Lori Garnes, and Charles Peterson.


FB: @chris.butcher.loser

Al Stern


Emmett Orgass


With a special interest in multi-exposures and experimental techniques, Emmett works to capture the atmosphere of live performances with his camera. He comes from a college radio background and loves exploring, meeting, and learning the local music scene.

Janell Dedera


Janell loves seeing local bands and trying to reflect how awesome their music is through photography. She is originally from Arizona, but moved to the PNW for the dark rainy days and being able to see the music that comes from it.


Emma Hanks

Emma Hanks is a Seattle native with a long held passion for music and the arts. She attended Bumbershoot at the Seattle Center when she was 16 years old, and hasn’t stopped attending live music events since. Her familiarity with Seattle venues and own musical experience give her an eye for capturing the special moments in any performance.

Instagram: @emmaehanks

Tiktok: @emmaehanks

Jacob Kerst


I am a freelance Photographer/ Journalist out of Snohomish County with expereince in several types of photography, concert photos being my newest. I value being a part of the local music scene and capturing moments for bands as they progress as artists. Rock N Roll are my roots, but I enjoy all kinds of music.

Instagram: @jacobkerst

FB: /jacobkerst

Mikayla Heineck

 Mikayla is a music and event photographer residing in Tacoma, though they frequently traverse the I-5 corridor. They love the joy live performance brings to people and seeks opportunities to document that.

Instagram: @mikaylington

Sam Leung


Sam shoots smallish shows around the PNW region. His music preferences are c86 indiepop, 90s shoegaze, 00s dance punk and whatever 'hyperpop' is.


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