Meet Our Team

Melissa Wax


Avid music lover. KEXP Photographer. Creator of Ballard VOX.
IG: @melissawax
FB: /melissawax

Collene McCarter


Collene is a 24 year old University of Washington graduate with a degree in political science and a dog obsession. She got her first camera at the age of 11 (after her mom got tired of hers always going missing) and hasn’t been without one since.

IG: @collenemccarterphoto

Andy Perkovich


Andy has lived his whole life in the Puget Sound region. Although he began photographing live music just a few years ago, he is a long-time local music aficionado. Andy’s passion is concert photography because he can capture a completely unique moment. When not at shows, he can be found with a crossword or comic in hand, and spending time with his cat, Hank.

Sheri Foreman



Sheri was born and raised in the PNW. She loves live music more than most things. Often found pointing her camera at bands and surfers. Loves to see people doing what they love.

Nic Mayorga


Originally from California, my love for photography and music has been something that has grown hand-in-hand through the years. My musical influences can be attributed to my father and uncle, who had me growing up listening to alt-rock, punk rock, grunge, ska, reggae, etc. I came into photography in high school, but it has been my passion ever since.

IG: @nic.mayorga



Samantha Witt



Samantha’s passion for photography very young when her dad gave her his old Canon camera and I started snapping away, taking photos of pretty much everything! Samantha has been a professional portrait photographer for around 13 years. She discovered her passion for shooting live music in 2019 and has taken on as many shows as she can since. There is something transformative about the energy behind musicians performing on stage and she has produced some her favorite work since she started.

Business Website:
IG: @lostfounddesign

Haley Freedlund


Haley Freedlund photographs performers, mostly in the realms of music and dance and with a lean towards candid shooting. As a freelancing musician in the Seattle music scene, she is found on the stage or in the crowd at most shows. She is also a talent booker and board member for Table & Chairs and the Racer Sessions, Seattle’s leading creative music organizations.
IG: @freedlundphoto, @haleyfreedlund

Damon Kenner


I'm a Seattle native that specializes in music, cosplay and portraiture photography. A self proclaimed Seattle music collector & historian.

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