Ballard VOX Weekly Music Calendar: July 22nd-25th

Thursday, July 22nd

  • Fog Holler, Sam Parkin, and Ariel Atsatt - Conor Byrne - 8pm

Friday, July 23rd

  • The Black Tones with New Track City on Alma Mater's Rooftop - Alma Mater - 8:00 PM
  • MAKE IT LOUD- Live show GAYTHEIST & ASSERTION - Southgate Roller Rink - 9 PM
  • Unsinkable Heavies (Members of Polyrhythmics) – Drunky’s
  • Starcoast w/ Watership, Modern Daze, King Shiem & TRG - Tractor Tavern - 8:30pm Show

Saturday, July 24th

  • Welcome Back to Pioneer Square ft. Shaina Shepherd, Shenandoah Davis, and The Black Tones  - Occidental Square - July 24
  • Kassa Overall, Breaks and Swells, Payge Turner - The Neptune - 9:00 PM
  • Heather Edgley w/Public Pool & Benjamin Burke - Drunky's White Center - 7pm
  • The Fat Kids, and J Charles - Conor Byrne - 8pm 

Next Week...

Come back next week to see what we are checking out around town and what's on our calendar for July 26th-August 1st.

Cover photo by Andy Perkovich

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