Ballard VOX Weekly Music Calendar: August 13th-15th

Friday, August 13th

  • Monsterwatch with Black Ends + Flesh Produce - Barboza 
  • La Fonda, Peyote Ugly and Chris Carroll - Drunky’s White Center  
  • Kassi Valazza, Small Paul & Riddy Arman - Tractor
  • The Kings, with Alfredo Ghosts - Conor Byrne

Saturday, August 14th

  • Biddadat with Biblioteka - Drunky’s White Center
  • The Crocodile Presents: Small Black w/ guests - Tractor 
  • Sam Russell and The Harborrats - Conor Byrne 

Sunday, August 15th


Check Back...

Come back next week to see what we are checking out around town and what's on our calendar for August 16th - August 22nd!

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