Ballard VOX Weekly Music Calendar: August 5th-8th

Thursday, August 5th

  • Gold Casio w/ Trick Candles - Drunky Two Shoes BBQ White Center
  • Ward Davis w/ Tanner Usrey - Tractor
  • The Drifter Luke, Tekla Waterfield & Jeff Fielder, Devon Dodgson - Conor Byrne

Friday, August 6th

  • The Salmonberries w/ Joe August (release) & Mother Blue - Tractor
  • Winter Shakers, Brainard, Blaire Rose - Conor Byrne

Saturday, August 7th

  • Actionesse w/ Velvet Q, Bad Optics & Dining Dead - The Tractor

Sunday, August 8th

  • Sunny Sweeney w/ Charles Wesley Godwin - Tractor 
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