Words by Fiona Moonchild

Photo by: Melissa Kagerer

Traveling and playing music is truly the only thing that has brought me consistent joy in my life. But it’s exhausting and brutal at times. You form these psychic bonds with your bandmates, but the relationships can become strained under the stress and sometimes you just need to go get lost in a city on a day off. The song pulls imagery from a particular day on tour in the town of Oviedo, Spain. We had just driven for 20 hours across Europe to find out the show was cancelled. So, our drummer Jack (who played all the drums on Sweets of Reason) and I ate some acid that a German dude gave us a few days prior and sat on this hill overlooking the medieval town and just talked all night. Nervous Sister is about sorting through my own identity and giving myself the space to grow. It ties in with the main themes of the album of personal acknowledgment and learning to be okay with existing in your own body and brain.

I made the video with Lauren Rodriguez. We had been wanting to work together on something for years and the timing never quite lined up right. We finally got it together in August, and it went off flawlessly. We had talked about having the setting being this like a fun disco dance party but having this underlying tension and unease. The loose narrative is that you are at this party and having trouble feeling the vibe because you keep catching a glimpse of something in the corner of your eye, something you yearn to be, a doppelganger of yourself that knows how to fit in and be social and is super confident. It ended up becoming sort of an evolution, we used outfit cues to kind of give this feeling of following yourself around a room and just being out of reach. We filmed covertly at Supernova in Seattle for the main party scene and then also built a controlled disco room in Laurens studio with mylar that had an incredible effect and had a bunch of our friends come and hang out and dance. We also filmed up at a haunted abandoned train tunnel near Stevens Pass. The whole thing was so much fun to make and I’m so stoked to finally be able to share it.  

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