Lime Cordiale, Teenage Dads - The Crocodile - 07.25.23 - Photos by Emmett Orgass

Teenage Dads 

When Teenage Dads took the stage at about 8:20 pm, on a Tuesday night at the Crocodile, two things caught my eye: 

First, the bassist’s blue and orange striped pants. They were spectacular. Honesty, I’ve never seen pants like that. Second, Every member of teenage dads looks like someone I once played rugby with at some point in time. 

And no, listen, I’m not saying that just because they’re Australian. And yes, how a band looks isn’t really pertinent to they way the sound. But, over the course of the concert, I thought about how Teenage Dads might sound like my memories of playing rugby in my, well, teenage years. Their songs echo of grit, work, and intentionality, but ultimately are optimistic and just incredibly infectious. Their slowly building drum progressions layered with thick synths and relaxed Julian Casablancas-esque vocals make the dimly lit Crocodile bring back memories of warm evenings spent outside and driving under late night clear skies. 

Drive on, Teenage Dads. 

Favorite tracks: Teddy, Speedracer, Thank You for the Honey, Honey

Lime Cordiale 

What’s not to like about Lime Cordiale? Their collective synchronous hip-sway? The surprise trombone appearance? The seamless clarinet handoff? The authentic joy that brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach bring to the stage? 

I once described Lime Cordiale to someone as “surf jazz Harry Styles”. 

And after seeing them perform live, I stand by that statement. The immensely talented and charismatic brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach combine to pump out high energy, irresistible guitar-forward tracks. Lime Cordiale present as performers in the truest sense: pushing past the music, they salsa dance with the crowd, come dressed in flamboyant cowboy suits, and keep you laughing. 

Favorite tracks: Robbery, Unnecessary Things, Imposter Syndrome

--Review by Emmett Orgass