Words by Hillary Tusick of Linda From Work

Photo by: Rachel Bennett Photography

It's a common nightmare, having your teeth fall out while you're dreaming. I've certainly suffered through quite a few myself, only one night, I wasn't dreaming. "Teeth" was inspired by a real life experience of mine - my dentist had informed me that I was grinding my teeth a lot in my sleep. I chalked it up to high stress levels and when things in my life calmed down a bit, I put it out of my mind. One night, in that state between fully asleep and awake, I was startled when I felt something small and rock-like rolling around my mouth. I spit it out and realized I had bitten my back molar in half. I immediately started screaming; a truly terrifying experience!

With this song, I wanted to convey that rollercoaster of a night - starting off in the calm place where you're just beginning to fall asleep into the pure panic of when your nightmares somehow become reality. We purposefully wrote the song to feel a little disorienting with the tempo climbing and the chord structure rearranging; building more and more intensity as the song goes on, only to end dramatically with an isolated vocal note. While I obviously think of a specific incident when I listen to the track personally, I believe anyone can relate to the rush of feeling calm one second and dealing with a stressful situation the next.

"Teeth" appears on our recently released debut LP Burnout, produced by local rock legend Jack Endino. The record speaks to the feelings of being stretched too thin and ground under the heel of corporate pressure - you can feel the exhaustion, rage, and anxiety throughout the tracks. Burnout is out now on all digital outlets and we're beyond excited to share it with the world. 

Make sure to catch Linda from Work live at The Central Saloon on October 2nd. BV favs Razor Clam & Separatr will be there too! 

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