Words by Sarah Feinberg of TELLERS

We are eager to share with you our single Lose Your Love from our upcoming EP titled Virginia Market. While we wrote this song as a group, the lyrics are drawn from a deeply personal place for me. Our guitar player Tyler brought the chord progression to a writing session and we filled it in from there. This is one of those songs that came together in a day. It felt easy and natural. This song is about finding a way out of living a life attached to others’ approval. Escaping the idea that a relationship or how the world sees us somehow decides our worth. The line, “grieving the constructs now, nothing should hurt”, is digging at how sometimes we hurt ourselves in order to fit into what society expects from us. The song is about growing out of this mindset. Letting it go. What would happen if we lived our truth in a brave way? We may very well lose the love of someone who expects us to behave in certain ways to fit their perspective.  In the repeated line of the chorus, “If I lose your love, what would I be?”, I am wondering about what happens on the other side of honoring oneself even when it disappoints others.  Our existence is not defined by those who love and approve of us nor is it by the loss of their presence or acceptance. The ultimate message is that we will survive this loss and ultimately thrive, living from a more true self with integrity. With this comes a sense of freedom. I feel we captured that experience in this track. Summer vibes!

We recorded our EP at Litho Studio in Fremont with Ryan Leyva as producer and engineer.  The feel of the record largely came from him. It was mastered by Ed Brooks.

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