The Inside Track (2of3): Ball of Wax 69 - The Lonely Coast 

'Ase Chonguri'

The Lonely Coast  'Ase Chonguri'

This traditional song is a lament from Samegrelo, in western Georgia—a reflection on hardship and misfortune originating with the Mingrelian people of the region. A chonguri is an ancient folk instrument. Well, my chonguri, tell the story, eh? / of my hard lot and of yours, eh? / My chonguri, what can you do—can you make a decision? I must put an end to my life, such is my situation. How unlucky I am—no troubles can I escape.

Vocals: Valerie Holt & Anne Mathews
Ukulele: Anne Mathews
Recorded in 2021 by Robb Kunz

The Lonely Coast will release a new album of multilingual duets in early 2024 on Bandcamp (

Ball of Wax 69 Release Show

With JNAThe Lonely Coast, and The Gabes
Sunday, December 17, 6pm doors

The Rabbit Box, 94 Pike St.
Tickets $12 in advance

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