The Inside Track (3 of 3): Ball of Wax 69 - The Gabes - 'Life Without the Sun'

Words by Bryan Brophy, the non-Gabe half of The Gabes:

Gabe had written an instrumental guitar thing called “Flying” that was based on a dream he had while living in LA. As he does, he sent me a video of him playing it. That same day Levi sent out the email announcing the Duos prompt for Ball of Wax 69. The song Gabe sent was so cool that I asked him if we could expand it and submit it as a duo. Gabe began fleshing out all the guitar parts, learning to record in his bedroom using a $12 mic. He sent me the tracks and I began working on lyrics and bass, and mixing the final product. 
After submitting that track, Gabe sent along another awesome song he had been working on about his mom finally getting rid of their family landline. He had a verse and a chorus and I added a verse and chorus of my own, based on my experience losing my childhood landline. We’ll be playing this song at the show, along with some of my solo stuff adapted for our duo.   

Ball of Wax 69 Release Show

With JNAThe Lonely Coast, and The Gabes
Sunday, December 17, Doors @ 6PM

The Rabbit Box, 94 Pike St.
Tickets $12 in advance

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