The Inside Track: 

Alfredo Ghosts - 'Ballad of Betty & Barney Hill'

The true story of Betty and Barney Hill is a tale of Love, Loss, and Alien Abduction.

In 1961, the Hills were driving in rural New Hampshire, heading home from a vacation in Niagara Falls, when Betty observed a bright light moving erratically across the night sky. Barney, who was driving the car, pulled over so they could get a better look. The light promptly advanced until a UFO, in all its disc glory, was hovering just in view. From there, the Hills say their memories become spotty. Years later with the help of a psychiatrist and Hypnotic Regression, the quiet couple eventually revealed a startling story: gray beings with large eyes had walked them aboard a metallic disc. Once inside, the beings examined the couple and erased their memories.

This close encounter is one of the earliest in history to receive major news coverage, and now you can enjoy it as a glammed up garage pop anthem like only Alfredo Ghosts can tell it...

Alfredo Ghosts self-titled debut album is out now, 

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