The Inside Track: Atomic Pines - 'Nosferatu'

Words by Collin 

Songs From the Sister Dimension is the first E.P. under the moniker Atomic Pines - a thoughtfully remastered collection of my first five singles, most of which were painstakingly crafted and released over the last year.

Atomic Pines itself began as a daydream. The weeklong road trip from a small home on the outskirts of Chicago to my new life here in Washington lent itself to wandering thoughts of what I had left behind and what now I might become.  The first track, Nosferatu, was channeled rather than written - bouncing around my head as I travelled west along the nothingness of cornfields, a new bride and our two dogs by my side.  Sitting alone in a dark and empty apartment a week later, I recorded a hollow and distorted demo of the song onto my phone, an incantation bringing Atomic Pines into this reality.

I had spent the last decade in a constant compromise of midwest prog-rock bands, where slick solos and sci-fi bravado often stole the spotlight from deeply personal expression.  Now, I would give myself completely to the rain, fog and loneliness here. Pouring it all into dark synth-drenched melodies ripped from a new and more fitting metaphor:  The Sister Dimension - a reflection of the Pacific Northwest where my most guarded demons could come to life as creatures of the occult and forgotten science experiments.  Tall tales from a weathered heart.
Four songs were subsequently released in the last year, a chronicle of the mountains traversed both physically and emotionally.  I'm so excited to finally share this work, this project, and truly hope it resonates in some small way with each listener. 


Instagram: @atomicpines


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