The Inside Track : Bad Dads - 'UNDERWATER'

UNDERWATER is a piece which imagines it’s subject as a bottom feeder among many sparkling school fish. It’s narrative explores the dissatisfied existence of it’s protagonist, descending toward the furthest depths of the marine unknown, culminating in the subject’s immanent suicide-by-beaching.

UNDERWATER was written and recorded by Bad Dads at multiple locations, including the famed Aldervulture Myers-Boe studio, the Spruce Goose, Page Palace, and at the Blue Idol; the various studios being carefully selected to capture the sonic complexity of this specific chanson sur album.

Bad Dads are a three piece punk band located on Orcas Island Washington redefining the term "dad rock." Three dads with six kids of various ages found each other after spending their younger years playing in local bands across the US. Each member was the lead songwriter for other bands, and the result is the weaving together of three different voices and styles with each member taking their turn at various instruments as the song requires. Thus the style of Bad Dads songs runs the gamut with a common thread of intensity, earnestness and unpredictable songwriting.

Their new album Dead Beats is undoubtedly a lo-fi experience that crackles with the sounds of the spaces where it was recorded. If you listen closely you might hear children playing or wives complaining in the background of songs. The album began as a short full band EP, but when you have three different songwriters creating the songs start coming fast. In the end the album ended up being a sort of split EP with the front side being the loud energetic punk songs the band is known for at some it's live shows, and a quieter but no less intense back side featuring the band playing acoustic numbers witnessed in living rooms across Orcas Island.

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