Words from Beautiful Freaks

We've all been there. 

Walking through the woods, barefoot on the trails, and you encounter some slugs that may or may not exist. Or maybe that isn't the message, maybe you should appreciate art for your interpretation, for the anticipation, anxiety, joy and flood of emotions it involves. Freaks are a band of constant evolution, and this soon to be released track is no exception. Slugs had started appearing on setlists in the weeks leading up to March 2020, a song heavily credited to Graham. While staying in their homes, Freaks settled into a three piece line-up. This smaller size brought forward a more streamlined version of the signature freaky sound, more psychedelic and vocally driven. As a self recorded, produced and managed band, we have settled into a new catalog of a material that has been a process of refinement and stripping down the massive live sound. As we shift through an old catalogue of unreleased material, we plan to bring a much heavier and streamlined version of the Freaks you know and love. The catharsis and community interaction of this band speaks to our longevity of begining as children and having grown into young adults. The music in our coming releases speaks to this and we are honestly proud of the musicians we have grown into. Along with the rest of the upcoming EP, Freaks continue to collaborate and work with an array of musicians to achieve the ultimate passion that connects musicians together. While Slugs is not released yet due to James car accident and other factors, the upcoming releases and shows for freaks will show an entirely new light for us and we look forward to sharing that with anyone who ventures inside. What's next for the Freaks? Noise. An EP. Maybe a drum machine? A long term bassist? Then, ideally, being The Tonight Show house band. We will be touring to a town near u soon. Love all you freaks.   

We highly encourage you to see us in Seattle on October 30th for our new Freak Fest tradition featuring Nësträ, The Rheotorican, CHRVNS, Mr. Dinkles and Danny Denial.
We also have a Co-headline Halloween house show in Bellingham with Actionesse, Glitchlette & Carlee 

Cameo Artist was released in 2018 and can be purchased via Bandcamp

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