The Inside Track: Beverly Crusher 'Scared'

Words by Cozell Wilson

One of my favorite YouTube genres is right-wing prepping videos. I can't stop consuming it. There is low-key great information on preparedness, but there is more to it than that.

What I have learned is some of them want something that none of us are ready to comprehend. Not because we are ignorant or blind, but because it is terrifying. It's not a big mystery, now that we sit in 2021, what I was worried about in early 2018 when I wrote: "Scared." Recently the song has started feeling more like an “I told you so” than a warning, but then last week a friend of mine stressed the importance of a song like that. Its simplicity with the direct message. It reminded me of when I wrote the song. 

3 AM in my apartment, wasted and tired of having to process shooting after shooting and the almost sarcastic thoughts and prayers our country offered the victims of the Parkland school shooting. Really no one had an answer on how to make the madness stop. It took a pandemic to end school shootings. Even then police are still shooting unarmed black women and men. Then we get domestic terrorists running through the halls of congress. The same people I was worried about back in 2018. It keeps getting worse. To be scared is a bit dramatic, but be aware. 

It's safe to say this isn't over.

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