The Inside Track: Crazy Eyes - 'Niagra'

In an old enchanted forest past a wall of angry smoke there is an ancient god, excommunicated along with their brethren many years ago and motivated to do but one thing: play ripping dancehall jazz through blaring guitar amps. And to share it with friends.

“Niagara” is the first single release for Crazy Eyes in over a year. We are absolutely overjoyed to be sharing music with the world again! This song has existed in various incarnations throughout many seasons of the band. “Niagara” is rooted in the jazz-punk rhythms and slightly sour riffs that adorn Crazy Eyes’ sound. The songwriting process can take you to your roots and it can take you to outer space. We think this song did a bit of both.

A winking and cynically hopeful love song, “Niagara” is paired with a video starring drag performer Romi, dancing frenetically against the mundane through colorful scenes and slightly askew backdrops. Like the song, the video explores the ever-complicating search for connection in a chaotic world.

“I’m in the barrel and you are Niagara”

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