The Inside Track: Creamsicle - 'Strangers'

Words by Creamsicle

We are a Snohomish-based rock band, and we have unveiled our lead single ‘Strangers’ from our upcoming EP. The song is a farewell to the Covid-era summer of 2021 and a hope for a brighter future ahead.

Written and recorded in early 2021, ‘Strangers’ is a bouncy, catchy anthem that Lacey Quincy, Derek Stevens, and our former bassist Tristan Beaman wrote as a story inspired by friends, acquaintances, and strangers that have an impact on your life. During the time we were writing this song we were reflecting on the idea of showing a story in a song rather than telling. Each of the trio sing different sections of the song, with Lacey driving the narrative in the verses: “run into another friend unseen, it’s Mary who lives down the street.” Derek giving sing-along advice in the chorus, “strangers all around, you don’t know if they’re up or down.” Tristan delivers a fiercely personal story in the bridge, “don’t look back, to your past and see, that you’re meant to be, right here with me.” With everyone coming together in the last chorus to symbolize the main theme of the song.

We recorded at Delwrick Studios with Delwrick Nanthou serving as the recording engineer, and producer. Delwrick even served as a fill-in drummer for our show at The Funhouse on August 5th.

Our second EP is still in the works but we hope to release it very soon.

We currently have a few shows left in 2021 and more shows will be announced soon, be sure to follow us on BandcampFacebook, and Instagram

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