The Inside Track: Floored Faces - 'Now You See It'

Words by Joe Syverson

Photo by Nicolas Wiggins

I wrote this song really quickly in my practice space one day. It felt really powerful when it came. It’s about letting go of the all of the small things that hold you down so that you can see the beauty in the world and truly appreciate what you have. I really do feel like I’ve been given a 2nd chance at life after almost dying and not being able to walk from a horrific freak accident a few years back. I had to re-learn how to walk in February/March of 2020 and it was extremely intense to feel so alive during that strange time period. This song is pretty much about letting the chips fall where they are going to fall, picking up the pieces and moving forward no matter what. It’s about moving toward that little ray of light when you are surrounded by darkness and coming out the other side. I really hope this song helps some people get through some shit because it really helped me when I wrote it! 


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