The Inside Track: Forest Ray - 'Always'

"Always" is the title track from our upcoming LP.  It was self-produced entirely analog on a 24 track machine at our studio here in Seattle. Always started off as just a mellow fingerpicking tune, (I was listening to a lot of John Prine after he passed during the pandemic) and I felt inspired to add Rhodes piano and slide guitar after jamming it with the band. When it was recorded we were three weeks into moving into a new space for our studio set up in Seattle where we had just set up an old MCI tape machine from the 70's. Now we're planning to release the album as video singles over the course of the next 7 - 8 months. - Peter Sumic, guitar and vocals

Peter is a perpetually inspired songwriter, with a really strong vision for where he wants to take these records, sonically. "Always" is a great example of this approach where it's simple and relatable, but when all the elements come together with the band andthe recording, it takes you to a different dimension.  That's something I've always admired about Forest Ray's music even before I joined the band.I think it's a big part of the reason Peter's been able to continue on during this time.  He can do everything in-house without having torely on outside recording studios or record labels to make it happen." - Nate Louis, Drums, Raised on Rhythm Podcast  

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