The Inside Track: Fruit Juice 'Good For You'

Words by Jake McCaffray of Fruit Juice

In kind of a funny way, I feel like this is the most honest song that I’ve written, at least when it  comes to straight-forward emotional expression. Something like 90% of the lyrics came  directly from a stream-of-consciousness rant that I wrote out in my journal one night, right after  a weirdly irritating interaction with a friend, which I’m sure you’ll at least get the gist of when  you hear the song! I don’t typically pull immediately from my life or emotions with songwriting  (though that stuff usually weasels its way in subconsciously) so it’s satisfying to have this super  direct translation of that state of mind put into a song. I was able to make my first demo of the  song the same night as the journal rant too so I was able to keep that same energy there; just  put up a fast dance beat in pro tools, improvised some fuuzzzzy guitar, and sang right from that  journal!  

The whole idea of putting out a single right before the year switched came about really late,  I’m honestly a little surprised we managed to make it happen in time! It was probably  sometime really late November when I got the itch to have something out in 2020, and I  realized that the frustrated, angsty sarcasm of this song would probably make a lot a sense for  it. I had recently done another demo of it that I was really happy with, so I sent it to Swoon  Records and found a mix engineer, and everyone seemed excited to jump on board and make  it happen in time! 

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