Words by Heather Edgley

I'm Heather Edgley, a Seattle singer-songwriter who creates pop-rock and folk-pop music. I'm very introspective and honest in my songwriting and I don't shy away from expressing my feelings candidly. My songs often explore both the exciting and painful aspects of love, my own existential curiosities, and they also delve into topics surrounding mental health and my own struggles with depression. I hope that my vulnerability allows listeners to feel seen and to know that they are not alone in their struggle, fight, or feelings.

My song “Heartbreaker” is a moody, rock ballad, and it is this song’s lyrics that inspired my newest album’s title, Catch & Release. In this song, I lament about an on and off relationship. The lyrics unfold as I struggle to grapple with this person’s mercurial interest in me. The verses highlight the intensity of my feelings, the inconsistency of their feelings, and this culminates in the song’s bridge where I express how powerless and on the hook I feel in this relationship, “It’s killing me, this catch and release. It’s damaging each time you let me go, so just let me go.”  There’s a raw honesty about how difficult it can be to break free from toxic relationships and to regain our own sense of agency. The power moments in this song both lyrically and sonically happen in the hard hitting choruses where I acknowledge that I need to consider my own needs in relationships and be with someone who is able and open to love me for me and who is confident and stable in their feelings for me and commitment to me. 

“Heartbreaker” is a great peek into this album as a whole, both in its acoustic pop-rock production and in its themes, which are shared in ways across the entire album. At its core, my new album, Catch & Release explores the importance of being able to recognize which things in life we should catch and hold onto and which things we should release and let go of. Through the album’s seven tracks, each song explores this “catch & release” theme and lands somewhere on the spectrum between identifying when you’ve found something or someone great and being brave and open enough to go after them, being self-aware enough to be able to hold onto them, being cognizant of when you’re holding on too tightly, and knowing when to release your grip and let go of people, things and ideas, that ultimately aren’t healthy.




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