The Inside Track: Hi Crime 'Rainy Days & Crooked Sheets'

Words by bassist, Jesse Botello

This instrumental outline for "Rainy Days and Crooked Sheets" was created after a practice session, teaching myself jazz chord progressions on the electric guitar. I have always been a bassist, so I tried to expand my knowledge outside the realms of major/minor chords by learning jazz fundamentals. The chorus instrumentals came to me after listening to "Hello It's Me" by Todd Rundgren on repeat.

"It's important to me, That you know you are free, Cause I never want to make you change for me." (Rundgren, 1972)

Lately, I have learned to cherish 1970's soft pop songs (Carpenters, Marvin Gaye, Seals and Crofts, Fleetwood Mac), so I wanted this song to have an essence of that aesthetic. I could picture the band playing it at a taping of Soul Train or Midnight Special.  

I was excited to bring this song to Brielle for the lyrics. We had a songwriting session at her house and wrote the lyrics while enjoying some tea. We have both been admirers of Frank Ocean and his use of imagery throughout his songs. We tried to channel his psyche while writing the lyrics. She created the initial melody as soon as we started. Later, when we brought the song to the rest of the band for fine-tuning, Cody and Mitch quickly molded their feel into the piece and helped it turn into what it is today.

I am very pleased by how this song turned out!

Expect more like this <3

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