The Inside Track: JNA - 'Tell Me Why'

Photo by Travis Trautt

"Tell Me Why" is a light hearted, pop-y song that came very easy to me. I was newly dating someone and it was exactly how I was feeling about the guy. I could not get him out of my head. Every conversation I had, in some way I could turn it into a conversation about him. I know all of my friends and family were so sick of me and so sick of hearing about this guy! So naturally, because I was so obsessed, it bled into my song writing. We have all been there, totally enamored by someone. A bad boy, the girl next door, the strong silent type, the funny guy/girl. That someone, that for whatever reason just steals our heart and we can't get them out of our brain. Usually, and in this case, it doesn't work out! You find that whatever made you fall for that person wasn't enough to make you stay.... But thoughts of them still linger. However, I didn't want it to be a sad song. There are enough of those in the world. It's so over done to put on a slow, sad, I miss you song, so "Tell Me Why" was born. A disco track with an upbeat african drum solo in the end so you can boogie your ex outta your system! ENJOY!!!!!

Photo by Travis Trautt

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