Words by Julia Francis

Photo by: Rachel Bennett

It came down to the washer at the ford

She said it was death we were all moving toward

So I laid down, I laid it all down for you

Just before lockdown began, I started studying and working with the Morrigan, a figure from Irish mythology. I was sitting on a riverbank, mourning the loss of a friend's child who had just died of cancer, as well as the loss of so many lives touched by Covid. It was the moment when we knew things were about to change, and we couldn't comprehend the magnitude of the shift we were about to experience, or how much we would be forced to say goodbye to.
The legends say the Morrigan can be found by the water's edge, washing the clothes and weapons of those warriors who are about to die in battle. By choosing who—and what—will die, she assists souls and ideas into the cauldron of rebirth, a place of transformation and rest before reincarnation. Death is but one part of the great cycle of life.

I wrote The Morrigan to process my fears over the end of our world as we knew it. I choose to believe that unseen forces are nudging us toward a better, more authentic way of being. But first we must come to terms with who and what we have become.

So get back people, go on get back

Use your head so you can head off the attack

Of the thing that won't stop coming

Til everything and everyone stops humming

May we honor all life, and gracefully acknowledge the many deaths surrounding us and emanating from us. May we evolve together.
The Morrigan is a song off my newest record, LIVE AT THE ROYAL ROOM, which was released on 9/24/21. The song and accompanying video were recorded at The Royal Room in Seattle, WA on 9/4/20. I was joined by Darren Loucas on guitar, Evan Flory-Barnes on bass, Mark Lutwak on keys, and Mike Peterson on drums. The song was recorded by Brad Rouda, mixed by Steve Fisk, and mastered by Rachel Field. The livestream performance was captured by J Joshua Diltz and lit by Buffaloe Pro. The photo was taken by Rachel Bennett.

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