Ballard VOX The Inside Track: Kitty Junk 'Head Rush'

Kitty Junk

All-female glam grunge junk punk duo from Seattle
Ryan (vox and guitar) / Angie (drums)
Born during COVID

Kitty Junk is a whimsical and fierce, spontaneous supergroup (power duo) out of Seattle. Born during COVID, the rhythm section of our sister band Atrocity Girl, we started a project to encompass our shared feminism and love for rock and pure fun. From writing songs on Angie’s front porch to eventual practices and livestreams sandwiched between obnoxious moments and White Claws, the connection led us to releasing two singles DIY, self-produced and engineered after we built a home studio and dove into the world of audio to be able to empower ourselves and other women to create music. From songs like “Kitty Club” that are party anthems to songs like “Rage” that shed light on important topics like domestic violence, Kitty Junk is great at telling it how it is and having a good time. This brings Kitty Junk to a pivotal moment with Jen Gilleran at Earwig Studio, where we recorded our self-titled album, due out in September. We are working with Jen to co-produce and mix the album as we continue to learn the world of audio engineering. 

The “Head Rush” single is the second DIY release from Kitty Junk, followed by the DIY music video (link to YouTube below), touches base on a core topic of the band: the reflection of the world we live in and the oppression of marginalized individuals in finding a way to rise above the struggles that we do not have control over. “Head Rush” is deep and heavy just like its sound. But in true Kitty Junk fashion, our next single, “Kitty Club,” is our own party rock anthem. So, everybody in the club, get down now. 

Photos//Melissa Wax

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