The Inside Track: Lemon Boy - 'Sugar Daddy'

Sugar Daddy is a song about trying so hard to become a girlboss and then realizing that having a job sucks. We all bonded over student loans and working a job (or two!) while going to school. Last summer, shortly after the birth of Lemon Boy, we started joking about having a sugar daddy which inspired this song.

Our bassist and vocalist, Nicole, has a soft spoken, dreamy voice that beautifully combines with lyrics such as “I wanna rip your throat out with my teeth”. This track also features Yaz’s masterful layering of improvised guitar melodies and Myriah’s relentless yet steady drumming. “Sugar Daddy” was mixed and mastered by Monty Smith.

This song is about the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy that brainwashes us to rise and grind when all we want to do is masturbate and smoke weed. “Sugar Daddy” is a fun and catchy cry for help. We just want “sugar daddy” to pay for our college tuition and our healthcare, if you know what we mean.   

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