The Inside Track PREMIERE: Slender Dan 'Nothing Forever' 

EP Release

Slender Dan 'Nothing Forever'

(EP)Release date: 12/5/23
Slender Dan: Heather Dickson, Patrick Ahern

Following the release of their album GESTALT earlier this year, Slender Dan now presents Nothing Forever, a five song EP to serve as the album’s addendum. Clocking in at eighteen minutes, Nothing Forever explores themes of cancel culture, propaganda, and depression.

Gestalt Productions

photo credits: Melissa DeAun

from Slender Dan

Dissent (track 1):
Counter culture just doesn't hit the same when major corporations and politicians are the ones dictating the narratives. "Dissent", the EP's opening track, warns of the dangers of groupthink in a time where heterodoxy can elicit major blowback. 

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