The Inside Track: Rachaels Children - 'Babe'

“What makes a Babe?'' This is the question Rachaels Children explores on their track “Babe”, an upbeat groove that weaves looping guitars and vocals with the intention of reclaiming this ‘term of endearment’ by focusing on the deeper essence of being a Babe. The band rejects the idea that Babliness is determined by physical beauty and appearance and instead concludes that “It really matters what you think and what you say”. Babliness comes from our actiona and our ability to grow and learn. The song's refrain, “I’m a Babe, you're a Babe, we’re all Babes”, emphasizes the power of seeing oneself as a Babe and the importance of uplifting those around us with this explicit reminder. Babe was recorded in 2018 with drummer Jordi Montes at Peel Studios and was mixed and released in 2022 on Noise Noise Ouch Stop Records.

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Scott Yoder, Black Ends, and Rachaels Children will be helping Ballard VOX celebrate our 5 year anniversary at The Sunset in Ballard! See you there!

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