The Inside Track: RUB - 'Open Up Your Eyes' 

Photo by Brady Harvey

Words by Princella Ray, vocalist  

"Open Up Your Eyes" is a powerful call to action for present and future generations to come together and drive change so that history does not repeat itself. The song begins by describing a world filled with fear and oppression, particularly among marginalized communities. As the chorus enters, we address the listener directly, emphasizing that without an open mind and a commitment to new actions, real change is impossible. In the second verse, the song becomes more hopeful, acknowledging that we have the power to make a difference and that many of us are already taking steps towards a better future by standing up against injustice. The song aims to inspire and motivate listeners to be active and vocal. We urge current and future generations to take a stand and become the change they want to see. 

Mixed and produced by Dylan Hanwright

Mastered by Julian Martlew  

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