The Inside Track: Sami Ridge - 'Kali'

This song has proven to be a great self-affirmation for me as a budding artist, and it marks two important points for however long I go with music; it's helped my partner/producer/guitarist and I to find common ground creating songs together. He's so technical, with so much skill in the science of music making- and I'm so imaginative, but poor with playing. Neither of us is great with writing it out when it's all in my heart and head; but we're emboldened to push on as a team. It's a nice, fragile, arrangement. 

It also, somehow, conjured the return of a dear friend; one who fits an archetype I seek to celebrate. It's a love song for the wild woman, the endless artist, and eccentric crone. I'm pretty happy with this newfound mode of expression. Hope many others are, too.  

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