The Inside Track: Slender Dan 'Well Accomplished Man'

-Heather from Slender Dan

Well Accomplished Man deals with themes of personal potential, negative self-talk, and the overwhelming way in which our expectations for ourselves can sometimes drown us. This track was directly inspired by an anxiety attack Patrick had the night before he turned 30. He found himself cycling through thoughts about how much time he was wasting not going after his goals, and how little he was living up to the idea of how he thought his life would go. 

These are feelings I think everyone can relate to on some level. I know I feel this way constantly. In taking an objective look at how we spend our days, weeks, months, and years, it’s hard to be 100% proud of the way we spend our time. But it’s even harder to not get caught up in a guilt cycle over it. We all fall victim to negative self-talk and self-criticism with regard to how we’re spending our time but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it. The beautiful thing about self-awareness is that we can use it as a reminder that our time on this planet is finite and more valuable than we realize. 

Since writing this track, Patrick and I have made a stronger effort to keep what’s important to us at the forefront of our minds, and make sure to allocate time for it. We’ve focused on our friendships, our goals, and avoiding the social media “death scroll” or anything that makes us feel stagnant. Time is a gift and we’re always working on making the most of it. 

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