The Inside Track: Spirit Award 'Shout (Kill the Rich)'

Words by Daniel Lyon of Spirit Award

Shout was one of my favorite songs to make on Lunatic House. The demo was an unfinished, minute and a half song so I went into the studio hoping to get it more developed with Producer Trevor Spencer (Father John Misty, Valley Maker) and Drummer/Engineer James Barone (Beach House, Tennis, Nathaniel Rateliff).

I knew I wanted to have a pretty driving, linear, stoner/kraut-rock song on the record. That night, we were all feeling a little faded and hazy after a few days of tracking. We turned off all the lights except two lamps in the large studio room. James was playing drums while I was on bass and vocals. Trevor joined in after a bit with some organ synth in the control room until we got more and more of an idea of what the structure would be. I tracked guitars later. We found ourselves pretty in sync and even when we thought the song was going to end, we found another door opening.

The lyrics came pretty organically as I had been feeling pretty crushed financially after years under the weight of a city with a big wealth gap. The line 'kill the rich, feed the poor' was kind of a snide answer to the housing crisis in Seattle, as well a plea for the wealthy to think outside their own greed and egos.

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