The Inside Track: Sweet Piece - 'Ouch' 

I have a penchant for songs with happy music and sad lyrics so “Ouch” was a great beast to put together.

 Breakthroughs in therapy are so often depicted as “Ah-ha!” moments, with the person’s new enlightenment bringing light into their darkness. My experience was more painful moments of realization of how I had been hurt and hurt others in turn. You think “it’s a memory, it can’t hurt you” but boy was I wrong. Have you ever cringed so hard you were in physical pain? That’s what therapy is like, but you’ve got to do it.

The basis of this song is the stages of processing through that. The urge to give up and never look at those memories. Recognizing you need to sit in the feelings and work through them. Making the effort to continue digging.

“Ouch” is the third song on Sweet Piece’s recently released E.P. “Three Little Pieces”. It can be found on all streaming services and for download on bandcamp.

Sweet Piece is an eclectic garage/punk band formed in Seattle,WA in 2018. They sound like Devo meets the Misfits.
The trio consists of Brendan on guitar, Yoel on bass, and Travis on drums, with all three contributing vocals. The group formed and began playing shows shortly before the pandemic hit, then took things online and shot a music video in Ikea, to emerge afterwards with a steady stream of shows. The band has been playing increasingly prominent Seattle venues with a growing fanbase and making connections with other Pacific Northwest acts.
You can find Sweet Piece online here!

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