The Inside Track : Tiger Rider - 'Tunnel Vision'

The album, Hindsight, is something we're really proud of- in general it's our exploration of the inner psyche and the ever-changing world we find ourselves in. A lot of the subject matter deals with analyzing the self, calling out personal hypocrisies, existence with dualities, and mental stability in this rocky landscape we call life. Hindsight consists of 14 songs, 6 music videos, and a 78-square instagram grid created by our drummer, Patrick. He engineered and mixed the album as well as shot/edited 5 of the 6 music videos. The album's tracks are all connected with transitions and interludes.

Tunnel Vision specifically touches on our songwriter, Nick's, agoraphobia and anxieties. He struggles with this duality of feeling so internally hindered in many normal situations yet recklessly confident in times of heightened reality. In Tunnel Vision, he explores how it's difficult to live with these two realities and how he fears that he hurts the ones he loves when he does. The music video (created by animator, Mike Cullen) is meant to reflect that internal state of chaotic stagnation.   

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