The Inside Track : Vox Romana - 'Manic Prairie Girl'

This release has been a long time coming. Over a decade if I really think about it.

I made a decision to start putting together solo material probably as far back as 2010, back in Tallahassee. But the “solo thing” has had a lot of fits and starts. I always ended up back in bands again.

Guitar players came and went. Plugins came and went. I moved across the country, then I became a  guitar player myself.  Bands started and ended some more.

Seven years in the Emerald City later…

100's of songs sat in the freezer.

For better or for worse, nothing seemed to click enough for me to get it mixed down and released.

At least, until now. I've got a single ready and a full length being mixed. And I'll be honest, I find it endearing that “Manic Prairie Girl” is the one to break the ice. 

It’s not a very serious song. (One that was birthed, recorded and finished relatively quick.) But maybe thats why its perfect for the job. It was just fun to make. And it seems to make myself and everyone who enjoys it happy enough. So I couldnt be more pleased! (And relieved!) 

Cam, Warren, Whit and Sadie. Thank you. I couldnt have done it without you.

Adam Dwork

Vox Romana

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