The Inside Track: Yeti Set Go 'Favorite'

Celeste Flock, Yeti Set Go

I wrote “Favorite” at the beginning of 2021, when I was working an office job. I consider myself to be a
really good employee who can get along with just about everybody, but I’ve found that my anti-
competitive nature can put me at odds with those who believe they have all the answers. “Favorite” is a
song about a disgruntled employee complaining about a coworker, but also a celebration of being
completely okay with being average at work. Also, why confront someone directly when you can just
write a song about them?

Yeti Set Go is a delightfully quirky and unrefined jangle-rock band that laughs at everything and
everybody, including themselves. If there’s a prima donna at work who’s pissing you off, we hope that
singing this song in your car is a healthier alternative to sending passive-aggressive emails or pushing
your coworker down a flight of stairs.

Single cover art by Joe Schubert (IG @stencilkillerart)

Photo by Gary Boon

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